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3 Steps to Breastfeeding in your BabyDink Baby Carrier

  • 1 min read

A beautiful benefit of a BabyDink carrier is that because its worn like a top, you can leave the carrier on and breastfeeding in your BabyDink baby carrier. Here are 3 simple steps to follow to breastfeeding bliss:

 1 – Find a comfy place to sit – it’s important to hydrate, so get yourself a nice drink of water and find somewhere nice to sit where your back is supported.

2 – Slide down the shoulder strap of your BabyDink on your preferred feeding side, like an off the shoulder t-shirt. Where possible thread your arm through and out of the carrier.

3 - Using your hand slowly guide baby's head to the feeding position. Once bubs has fed you can slip them back in to the carrier with very little disturbance.

We always recommend following the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe BabyWearing. 

Baby should be upright, with airways clear at all times. Close enough to kiss and not sleeping at the breast.

Breastfeeding Baby Carrier

And for an older bub, like Peach pictured above, you can simply wriggle them down a little in your BabyDink to where feels comfy for you to feed.

breast is best, we lovingly support and acknowledge women who choose, or have no choice but to feed their baby any way to keep them nourished - A baby fed is a happy baby, no matter how that looks.

Love BabyDink xx

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