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In celebration of all Women this Mother's Day

  • 2 min read

As we celebrate another Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge that it takes a village to raise a child, and honour the sisterhood of women that supports and empowers each woman through their journey into motherhood.

This week in our Journal, we have asked Simone and Kira (@twokoorimamas) what Mother’s Day means to them, both culturally and now precious Yari has arrived.

Simon Wearing BabyDink Leopard

What does Mother’s Day mean to you both culturally and now that Yari has arrived in your lives?

Mother’s Day to us is a day to celebrate motherhood and be acknowledged and appreciated for not only everything we do but everything we are. It’s about celebrating all the highs and lows, the feeling of unconditional love, happiness and anxiety all in one. It is a feeling of “not what we have given up, but what we have gained by becoming strong Indigenous mums”.

Being both strong Indigenous women we pride ourselves on continuing to carry our strong lineage from our beautiful matriarchs who are strong sacred women and have always provided for us and shown us the way in how to protect and nurture our beautiful babies.

Becoming mothers to our beautiful boy Yari has created the greatest sense of belonging! Belonging to our next generation and a human we are raising to continue on our values and traits of what it means to be strong and proud of their identity. 

Yari has a beautiful meaning of both koala and strong Aboriginal man in both our languages which is both Dunghutti and Wiradjuri. As mums we hope to raise Yari to be strong and grounded and always proud of his culture no matter what life throws at him.

Kira and I are really looking forward to our first Mother’s Day as new mums and are still pinching ourselves that we have created such a beautiful little human and there is no better feeling than knowing that a part of him will always be a part of us forever.

Written for BabyDink by Simone and Kira (@twokoorimamas)

Image 1 & 2 - Simon wears BabyDink Pocket in Leopard

Image 3 - Kira wears BabyDink Pocket in Black

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