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The Perfect Fit for Safe Babywearing

All set for effortless, hands-free babywearing? Follow our simple and safe Babywearing Checklist before using your BabyDink, and enjoy peace of mind when you start babywearing.

Once you've watched the video and tried your BabyDink on, run through this checklist to make sure you've all set to go! You can even practice with a doll or a teddy bear for the first few times to build your confidence and get to know your BabyDink.

A Few Handy Hints

Here are our TOP TIPS for putting baby in the straps of our carrier and some best safety practices:

✔️ Ensure the two shoulder straps are criss-crossed under the baby’s bottom, and  the outer strap is pulled up to the Baby’s neck (feet out is OK)

✔️ Your baby should always face inward in a BabyDink carrier

✔️ Baby’s face should never be fully covered by BabyDink straps, clothing or other fabrics

✔️ Don’t dress your baby too warmly in the baby carrier, they gain body heat from you as well

✔️ Check your baby regularly that airways are clear

✔️ Regularly reposition bubs as needed to maintain an upright M position with legs higher than hips

✔️ Keep them close enough to kiss

✔️ Use common sense when moving about. I.e. Don’t lie down or bend forward with a baby in a carrier

✔️ Always follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for Safe BabyWearing (below)