Frequently Asked Questions

Just like putting on a T-Shirt that has a Velcro hip support! No wrapping to get wrong, or buckles and clips to fiddle with. We have done the hard work for you, you just need to know your size and follow the instructions to secure your baby in the Baby Dink.

We recommend using your newborn Baby Dink carrier as soon as possible after your baby arrives in the world.  Carrying your baby with the closeness Baby Dink provides is the most like being in the womb your baby will experience, perfect for your 4th Trimester. Recommended for even the smallest babies, your carrier will mould to you and your baby every time you wear it.

Although wearers of babies under 8 lbs need to take extra care to keep air passage ways clear, they are ideal for mothers who have been instructed to implement Kangaroo Care. *we always recommend seeking advice from a health care professional, if babywearing with a small baby, as extra precautions are necessary.

Baby Dink is designed for the first 5 months of a baby’s life or up to approx 18bs (8kgs)


There is no other product like Baby Dink. The simplicity of putting it on like a top, yet having the function of a ‘wrap’ carrier, makes it unique. Fabric used on your Carrier is specially knitted for Baby Dink in Melbourne. The specialised stretch fabric is then pre-shrunk to ensure you have no sagging, or stretching out of shape with your Baby Dink. This beautiful fabric is soft, breathable and always stylish.

Common stories amongst parents is the difficultly they experience with the wrapping process in the carriers that use a long length of fabric. Often making mistakes, resulting in wearing a product that sags, twists or is too loose. Other common stories are carriers being too bulky, awkward to put on, difficulty with buckles and clips, and to much strain on neck and shoulders when using products that do not adequately distribute the baby’s weight evenly.

Baby Dink is so easy to wear and comfortable for the baby and parent. You can actually be hands free and the baby is secure, settled and happy. And the best part is once you have secured your hip support Baby Dink will not need to be adjusted and will distribute the weight evenly over your upper body so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back.



BabyDink is 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex, Velcro, Elastic.
Close Velcro fastening before washing.
Use mild detergent.
Hand wash.
Gentle Spin and line dry.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not bleach.
Do not dry clean


Carried Babies Cry Less! 

  • Studies show if you wear your baby for 3 hours per day you reduce infant crying by 43% (journal paediatrics) It is one of the best and easiest ways to promote bonding.
  • Wearing your baby can help to decrease the occurrence of post-natal depression. The close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond to and learn ‘non-crying’ signals, which result in less stress and less crying.
  • Promotes a strong connection between parent and baby which is the most important factors in healthy physical, intellectual and social development of infants.
  • Baby wearing promotes good digestion which is believed to greatly reduce the symptoms of colic and reflux.
  • Being in close contact with parent provides a baby with their most important needs being met… Food, Warmth, Touch and Love.It’s a lifesaver!
  • It gives you your hands back while keeping your baby close.


You simply pull down the mid-section fabric, then part the front shoulder straps that are over your baby’s body, place your hands under their armpits and lift them directly upwards. The baby is always taken out of your Baby Dink before you take it off. Then Baby Dink can be left on until the next time you want to put them in again.


Nope. It puts too much pressure on baby’s spine and joints and increases the risk of baby falling out of your Baby Dink Carrier.
Baby Dink is considered a “stretchy” carrier, therefore would not give adequate support for the baby to face forward, we advise against either method.



BabyDink complies with rigorous safety testing of US standard ASTM F2907 and EU TR16512



Yes, the International Hip Displasia Institute Classifies BabyDink as a Hip-Healthy Product. 
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges swaddling and babywearing devices in order to recognize products that encourage healthy hip development. This is especially important during the first six months of life when the hips are growing rapidly. You can find out more here



Yes we are! 



BabyDink does not, under any circumstance, assume any responsibility for accident or injury (of any type) as a result of use, or misuse, of its products. Use of BabyDink products by the purchaser (and all subsequent users) is undertaken at the users own risk.