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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a BabyDink Baby Carrier

We find it can be a big help to try bubs in the BabyDink after a feed. A full tummy and a little snoozy makes trying new things for your baby more appealing. If you need to build you own confidence, practicing with a teddy is a great way to do this and standing in front of a mirror helps too.

When you are popping bub in, use the left strap first, really use the full stretch of the fabric to make space for baby.

1. When putting on your Dink make sure that shoulder seam stays nice and high on top of your shoulder - by pulling it down low at the back (towards your bottom) then securing the Signature Elasticised Velcro Hip Band firmly at the hips.

2. Popping bub in, really use the full stretch of the fabric - left shoulder strap first to get Bubs seat as low as you can. Really smooth the fabric under bubs bottom stretching it from knee to knee. 

At this point do the same with the right strap and wiggle bub down a little more if need be. Baby should have knees higher than hips in the M position.

Baby should have both fabric straps criss-crossed smoothly under their bottom. This creates a secure seat for baby.

Now you will have your comfy position, and you can bring the third and final outer fabric section up to bubs neck.

Feet may be tucked in or out of the carrier as long as bubs has a hip healthy position - knees higher than hips.

It always helps to have a visual. Here is a quick link to our EASY tutorial 

We always recommend following the T.I.C.K.S standards for safe BabyWearing. Baby should be upright, with airways clear at all times.

We are here to help.

If you need further assistance please contact our friendly & highly trained customer service team - care@babydink.com 

We recommend using your newborn Baby Dink carrier as soon as possible after your baby arrives in the world. 

Carrying your baby with the closeness Baby Dink provides is the most like being in the womb your baby will experience, perfect for your 4th Trimester.

Recommended for even the smallest babies, your carrier will mould to you and your baby every time you wear it.

Although wearers of babies under 8 lbs need to take extra care to keep air passage ways clear, they are ideal for mothers who have been instructed to implement Kangaroo Care.

We always recommend seeking advice from a health care professional, if babywearing with a small baby, as extra precautions are necessary.

Yes. We have had very positive feedback about the support offered by BabyDink's signature elasticised hip band for mothers who gave birth via caesarean.

Because you can fully adjust the belt with the Velcro, it means you can wear it as firmly as feels comfortable and your lumbar spine is supported.

As with all post surgey recovery, when it comes to babywearing, it is important to consult with your Doctor for the all clear that your body is ready.

Baby Dink is designed for use from birth to 6 months or up to approx 18 lbs (8kgs)

BabyDink ® is a fantastic carrier for twin parents and has been very popular for this use.

It keeps one baby close and secure, leaving your hands free for the second bub. Also, great if both parents wear one each.

Unfortunately the design is not safety tested for the function of carrying both babies simultaneously. 

There is no other product like Baby Dink. The simplicity of putting it on like a top, yet having the function of a ‘wrap’ carrier, makes it unique. Fabric used on your Carrier is specially knitted for Baby Dink in Melbourne. The specialised stretch fabric is then pre-shrunk to ensure you have no sagging, or stretching out of shape with your Baby Dink. This beautiful fabric is soft, breathable and always stylish.

Common stories amongst parents is the difficultly they experience with the wrapping process in the carriers that use a long length of fabric. Often making mistakes, resulting in wearing a product that sags, twists or is too loose. Other common stories are carriers being too bulky, awkward to put on, difficulty with buckles and clips, and to much strain on neck and shoulders when using products that do not adequately distribute the baby’s weight evenly.

Baby Dink is so easy to wear and comfortable for the baby and parent. You can actually be hands free and the baby is secure, settled and happy. And the best part is once you have secured your hip support Baby Dink will not need to be adjusted and will distribute the weight evenly over your upper body so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back.

Carried Babies Cry Less! 

Studies show if you wear your baby for 3 hours per day you reduce infant crying by 43% (journal paediatrics) It is one of the best and easiest ways to promote bonding.Wearing your baby can help to decrease the occurrence of post-natal depression. The close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond to and learn ‘non-crying’ signals, which result in less stress and less crying.Promotes a strong connection between parent and baby which is the most important factors in healthy physical, intellectual and social development of infants.Baby wearing promotes good digestion which is believed to greatly reduce the symptoms of colic and reflux.Being in close contact with parent provides a baby with their most important needs being met… Food, Warmth, Touch and Love.It’s a lifesaver!

You can wash you BabyDink in the washing machine! Please follow our strict instruction.

BabyDink is 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex, Velcro, Elastic

Close Velcro fastening before washing

Place in delicates or lingerie bag

COLD wash only

Use mild detergent or wool wash
Gentle Wash - Delicate Cycle
Gentle Spin and flat line dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean


Your BabyDink baby carrier is made using GOTS certified organic cotton yarn. The front straps of the carrier are 90% cotton 10% spandex, the back section of the carrier is 100% cotton pique. The hipband is made using the highest quality elastic and velcro.

We do not use harmful chemicals in our dyeing process. Due to this colours may vary slightly.


Your BabyDink Carrier should be tight enough to hold your baby close to you as this will be most comfortable for you both. 


You should be able to easily see your baby's face while glancing down. be sure your baby's mouth and nose are never obstructed with fabric, your body or hair in their face


Your baby's head needs to be as close to your chin as is comfortable


A baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest, as this can restrict their breathing. 


In a an upright carrier, a baby should be held comfortably and close to the wearer, so their back is supported in it's natural position, and their tummy and chest are against you.

Babywearing is personal. As long as you check your baby regularly, ensuring baby's position is supported and airways are always clear, you can wear bubs for as long as is comfortable for you both.

BabyDink baby carriers support the healthy natural position for newborns - ensuring an upright position with baby's knees higher than hips.

So you can wear baby for as long as feels good for each of you during the day, up until baby reaches the weight limit which is approx 8kgs.

Baby Carrier regulations state 3.2kg as the starting weight for most baby carriers, however we have had many parents wear BabyDink with preemie babies and little bubs from 2kgs. We always recommend seeking advice from a health care professional, as extra precautions are needed with smaller babies when baby wearing.

BabyDink ® is lightweight and breathable- it is approximately 90% organic Cotton and has far less fabric than a wrap carrier.

Babywearing is hot with all carriers, so we always recommend wearing one less layer on yourself and one less layer on your baby. 

On a very hot day, keep yourself cool, and only have the baby in a nappy, that way the soft fabric of BabyDink ® acts as the baby’s clothes.

Where possible seek climate controlled environments in extreme heat.

We always recommend following the T.I.C.K.S standards for safe BabyWearing. Baby should be upright, with airways clear at all times.

The benefit of a BabyDink ® carrier is that because its worn like a top, you can leave the carrier on and to feed, simply slip bubs out of one strap carefully to the feeding position.

You can even be sitting down as there are no wraps or buckles to fuss with to get comfy before you feed.

Once bubs had fed you can slip them back in to the carrier with very little disturbance.

We always recommend following the T.I.C.K.S standards for safe BabyWearing.

Baby should be upright, with airways clear at all times. Close enough to kiss and not sleeping at the breast.

BabyDink is an inward facing carrier and is not designed for baby to be outward facing.

Due to our stretch fabric design BabyDink is safety certified for baby to face inwards only.

Inward facing is recomended for babies under 5 months of age. This is due to babies head, neck and hips not being sufficiently developed to support an outward facing position.

Yes, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute Classifies BabyDink as a Hip-Healthy Product. 
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges swaddling and babywearing devices in order to recognise products that encourage healthy hip development. This is especially important during the first six months of life when the hips are growing rapidly. You can find out more here

BabyDink complies with rigorous safety testing of US standard ASTM F2907 and EU TR16512

Yes we are!


BabyDink does not, under any circumstance, assume any responsibility for accident or injury (of any type) as a result of use, or misuse, of its products. Use of BabyDink products by the purchaser (and all subsequent users) is undertaken at the users own risk.


BabyDink sizing is based on Australian standard fitted top sizing

BabyDink should feel like a fitted t-shirt across your back, with relaxed fabric in the front straps across your chest/bust with space for baby.

It should feel fitted but not restrictive. 

Our specially knitted organic stretch fabric is designed to mould to you and your baby’s body and grow with you. 

Keeping you both safe and supported.

To select the best size for you, we recommend:

Starting with your pre-pregnancy size in mind then check your measurements using a tape measure for accuracy. 

Your actual measurements will indicate the best size for you, please check them here

If you fall in-between sizes - buy the larger size

Your bust matters - if your bra cup is more generous than a D - we recommend going up a size

BabyDink is a unique and patented design. 

Simply worn like a top you get the same fit every time.

No wrapping, buckles or clips BabyDink is designed to mould to you & your baby's body, which is why you need to choose the right size for your individual body shape.

When your carrier is fitted correctly, and you are wearing the approporiate size for you, baby's weight is evenly distributed and you will experience why BabyDink is the Comfy Carrier.

Start by measuring your bust and comparing that measurement on our size guide here

Your bust is an important guide for both the comfort of you and bubs. It's worthy to note, bigger busted women tend to wear their bubs a little higher. With a little adjusting of the straps needed for you to find the perfect position for you both. Always following TICKS guidelines.

If you're in between bust sizes, we recommend taking the larger size. 

BabyDink will fit you in the same size as your t-shirts. We still recomend checking your measurments on our size guide and double checking where they place you in terms of size.

Our fabric is soft and stretchy, much like that of a polo t-shirt across your back.

Go up a size if - you have broad shoulders, are over 6" or fall in between size measurements.

We recommend each wearer has the correct size for them.

This ensures bubs has space and you are both comfortable in the carrier.

It's a bonus if you and your partner are a similar height and size, then YES! You can share.

We do not recommend using an ill-fitting BabyDink for safety and comfort reasons.

Customer Care

Baby Dink does not Accept Returns for a refund for change of mind.

** We do our best to fit most bodies however in the case where either the smallest size is too big, or the largest size is too small we will happily refund you. Please include information on your returns form.

To return your Baby Dink for an exchange please follow the steps listed on your returns form. 

Download our easy Returns Form here. Please attach this form, along with a pre-paid postage bag with your delivery address and your Baby Dink carrier. Shipping costs for exchanges are not covered by Baby Dink. Thank you!

Please return all exchanges to:

26 Dougharty Road
Heidelberg West 3081

We will gladly accept exchanges due to incorrect sizing. All items must be returned to us in original condition, unworn and unwashed. 

Please note the customer is responsible for the return postage costs. 

If selecting your size whilst still pregnant, we understand that body shape can change, so we offer easy 45 day exchanges. *If you received your BabyDink as a Shower Gift or purchased early on in your pregnancy, and need to exchange sizes out of the 45 day time frame - just get in touch!

We do not offer exchanges for final SALE items. 

Baby Dink does not accept returns for a refund for change of mind.

If an item is faulty, wrongly described or vastly different from the sample shown on our website we will either issue a full refund or replace the item for the same or different product.

We will however gladly replace your Baby Dink if it is defected or damaged or are significantly different from our item description.

We strongly suggest that you inspect all of your items upon their arrival; should there be any defects or damages to your goods you must contact us within 10 days.


You will receive your tracking information via email - can't locate it? Be sure to check your spam and junk folders. 

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