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Babywearing Made Simple

BabyDink was birthed by founder and CEO, Jen Wilson.

It had always been her passion and dream to design a stylish, functional, unique and easy-to-wear newborn baby carrier.

“I loved wearing my daughter and having her close, particularly in those special early months of getting to know each other, but I found trying to master the wrapping technique so time consuming, and all of the buckles and clips on the options available really fiddly and unnecessary,” says Jen. She thought there must be a simpler way.

She quickly became obsessed with the idea of simplifying babywearing for parents, improving the design and support of carriers for both baby and mama.

Being a mum herself, Jen knew her product had to be perfect; it had to be safe and secure for baby but also comfortable and simple for the wearer. So she sat on it for a couple of decades while she grew her family, and in 2018 BabyDink was born.

"It is my vision that BabyDink carriers provide new parents and new earth-side babies the opportunity to deeply connect in that, most important, post-partum period and beyond."

- CEO & BabyDink Founder, Jen Wilson

Babywearing for Connection

BabyDink humbly acknowledges babywearing as a borrowed practice that originated with indigenous cultures around the world.

Inspired by these rich traditions, Jen wanted to provide modern caregivers with the many benefits of babywearing. Her unique solution offers new parents and caregivers the freedom to go about the business of their day, without compromising on connection to baby.

Jen and BabyDink aim to play a vital part in regulating a new baby's nervous system with that of their caregivers. It’s all about heartbeat rhythm and skin-on-skin contact. Keeping that precious new baby close enough to kiss, while also honouring the modern parent's need to have the flexibility of being hands-free. 

The Perfect Newborn Carrier

BabyDink is supportive, safe, comfortable, stylish and provides soft, flexible support for baby's head. Leaving the wearer hands-free to take on life and all that parenting brings.

BabyDink distrubutes weight evenly over your upper body, so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back, and is also endorsed by the Australian Hip Dysplasia Institute so you know baby is always in a safe position.

All BabyDink carriers are made from GOTS approved organic cotton, specially knitted in Melbourne, Australia.

BabyDink is the first baby carrier to cater for all sizes 4-24 AU, making it a favourite among parents and caregivers around the world.

We hope your BabyDink brings you enhanced connection and hands-free convenience in your modern parenting journey.