What are the safest and most comfortable ways to BabyWear for Hip Dysplasia? 

  • Physiotherapist advice is that a mild abducted or 'cuddling' position is best ie: knees apart but too widely
  • Head support is particularly important for infants with very little head & neck control
  • For easy breathing keep babies face is clear of fabric and your body
  • Natural breathable fabrics are recommended
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So let's talk about the benefits of Baby Wearing for Dads

  1. Get Bonding - Activate those paternal protective behaviours! BabyWearing provides a closeness that stimulates the production of the good-feels hormone Oxytocin which can kick start bonding 
  2. Empowered Parenting - With all that bonding and connection comes the confidence Dad needs to learn communication cues and signals more quickly
  3. Be HandsFree - Being a Dad is pretty sweet gig - but its a balancing act and you sure will appreciate having your handsfree to get other dad stuff done
  4. Adventuring - Becoming a parent is a huge one, but that doesn't mean your other interests and hobbies have to disappear. With your little human tucked up safe and secure, snuggled up to Dad - you can team up and take on the world
  5. Supporting - Cos lets face it - it takes two to tango. Babes love and need their caregivers and when the bond is strong between baby and Dad, Mum can take time for herself. Sharing the BabyWearing load benefits the whole family. 
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    Thank you for your interest in BabyDink’s current sustainability practices. Protecting our planet is core value for BabyDink. As a brand we are constantly striving to evolve our product and processes to be as sustainable as possible.   BabyDink Carriers are Designed...
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      There are so many incredible benefits of babywearing, but it can be tricky sometimes. That's why we created the easiest all-in-one carrier to keep baby close without all the fuss of wrapping, clips and buckles.  BabyDink slips on like...
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      It’s getting cold outside, and while those newborn snuggles are pretty cosy, you’re wondering if you can wear your baby outside in Winter. Great news is- you can! But it’s important to make sure you and baby are warm...
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