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6 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

  • 2 min read

This week as the world celebrates Valentines Day, we thought we would celebrate our Love for Self. As mothers, parents, friends and humans generally.

Because that is often not reflected on, and it really can be the difference in each day to feeling supported.

There is no better way to teach your children to Love themselves, than to allow them to wintness self Love through you. 

Becoming a parent is a wild ride. 

Regardless of how many times you do it, every new baby brings with it a new set of changes to your world. 

The transitional time from birth to coming home, is filled with new, sometimes big feelings of joy and love and let's be honest a healthy dose of overwhelm and exhaustion.  

There is nothing quite like it.

For many new parents it's the first time that your work and social schedules take a back seat to a new kind of schedule. 

The feelings of love are intoxicating, but for even the most capable of humans, this time can be challenging.

It is so important to take care of yourself in those weeks immediately after birth and well, always, really. Because the parenting journey is long and wonderfilled. 

2 days or 20 years old, our role of parent requires a part of us to be 'on' and 'available' for most of the time.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

The days can be loooong but my the years are short. Just ask anyone who has adult kids - 'the time just flies'.

It's can be easy to find ourselves in auto-pilot, as we tick off the to-do lists of the day.

Here at BabyDink, we are all parents and we want to live in a world where even those long days can have a sprinkling of ease and joy.

So we have put together five simple ways for you to access a little Love for yourself in your day, whilst in the throws of parenthood. 

This guide is for all life giving parents, who have dedicated their lives and love to raising small humans. 

It is a reminder to fill your cup, so that you can always pour from it. And to look for small moments of opportunity to do so. 

It doesn't have to be a weekend at a yoga retreat or a massage (though if you can, you definitely should do that).

Self care and self love, can be as accessible as 5 mins of breathwork while hiding in a cupboard if you have to.

The key is find what works for you, really tune in to what makes your soul sing and try to build it into your day consistently. 

  1. Breathe/Rest
  2. Connect with people
  3. Nutrition
  4. Move Your Body / Dance
  5. Connect with Nature
  6. Put your phone down

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