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Top 5 Reasons to Carry your Baby

  • 1 min read
We have always carried our children, it's instinctive for parent and Baby.
Babywearing promotes physical strength for both of you, working with gravity to support each other, as you navigate the world together.
Carrying your Baby close keeps you connected and able to respond to cries or communication and offer comfort quickly, building your confidence in your natural parenting abilities
Your Baby feels you. Heartbeat and breath, yours can aid in regulating their nervous system. They cry less because they feel safe
Creating a safe place. Minimise exposure to germs and over-stimulation from a busy world.
When you baby is carried, you are able to meet your their needs and reinforce a feeling of safety, that contributes to healthy brain development as time goes on.
BabyDink makes carrying your Babe effortless.
Known as the No Wrap Wrap - simply put on like a top and get the same fit every time. The patented design is comfy & ergonomic, so you can carry your baby for as long as you need to.
There are no buckles, clips or complicating wrapping. Just a simple yet secure Velcro fastening on out  Signature Hip Band to support you and your baby.
Australian made from Super Soft Organic Cotton a BabyDink carrier, keeps babe close enough to kiss so you can keep bub in view at all times - and be sure they are safe.
So effortless to use, BabyDink takes just 60 seconds to carry. Leave your pram at home, simply put on, pop baby in and GO

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