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Babywearing - The Magic Sleepy Dust

  • 2 min read

Babywearing has so many benefits. From the convenience of having your hands free to get life things done to bonding with your precious new tiny human. 

You may have heard the rumours...that almost as if by magic...babies fall asleep when babywearing

Hallelujah! This is not a myth.

Purely and simply, when all else fails and you need bubs to arrive in the land of nod (like um, now please), despite their every protest...more often than not, babywearing will get the job done.

And there is strong science to support this trickery. 

BabyDink is your magic weapon, when it comes to getting bubs asleep. Why? Because it's so easy. 

Unlike other baby carriers, BabyDink requires no lengthy origami tutorials or confusing buckles and clips to wear it. Simply put on like a top, when bubs is fussing, it takes mere moments to get the carrier on, baby in, and baby settled. 

Our ergonomic design supports you and your baby. Suitable from birth, the combination of our signature elasticised hip band which protects the lumbar spine and our exclusively knit super soft organic cotton fabric, creates the ideal environment for snuggles. Keeping baby safe and cosy, while allowing airflow and ensuring your both cool and comfortable. 

You might hear it referred to as "Magic Sleepy Dust?" so just what is it about babywearing that makes all this magic happen?

Connection plays a huge role.

It's all about nervous system regulation. Put simply, when your baby is tired or distressed their nervous systems become unregulated and as they are not yet able to self-regulate, you become the regulator.  This is such a gift. So how do you do it? It's easier than you think and you do unconsciously and as you become aware of the power of this relationship, the more consciously you do it, the more effective it is.

All you need is your heartbeat, your breath and your gentle swaying rhythm - all of these send a signal of safety to your babe. When a feeling of safety is created, the nervous system can regulate, and the parasympathetic nervous system takes over from that sympathetic nervous system response, and babe enters a 'rest and digest' mode enabling deeper relaxation.

So what does the science say about the Benefits of Babywearing and its magic?

  • Significantly reduces crying in babies by upto 42%
  • Closeness to baby stimulates the release of the juicy love hormone Oxytocin for Mum's and Dad's too
  • Assists parents in learning Baby's communication cues more quickly
  • Benefits cognitive development
  • Nurtures closeness, bonding and connection
  • Communicates a feeling of safety and love

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