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Safe Babywearing with BabyDink

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What a gift it is when we meet our new baby for the very first time. At that moment, our hearts grow in love. We become parents, and we become aware of the primal need to protect our little beings. It is from this place of protection and nurture that BabyDink supports you with safe babywearing in your parenting journey. 

Suitable from birth, our simple no-wrap carrier is designed to offer parents and caregivers, peace of mind and security when babywearing. 

You can be certain when you choose a BabyDink Original No Wrap baby carrier that safety most definitely comes first. 

Because when we feel safe, we feel confident to take on all that parenting asks of us.

When we feel safe, we trust. And in turn, our precious babies trust and feel safe. 

Through safe babywearing, you can support your baby and increase the bonding and connection between you. Babywearing also supports brain development and offers comfort to settle and soothe. All of this can be made a little comfier with a BabyDink carrier, simply put on like a top, helping you to effortlessly create a safe environment for bubs when babywearing.

A BabyDink baby carrier offers you & your baby Ergonomic Support.

Our patented criss-cross strap design creates a seat for your baby, to be supported correctly in the natural M-position (legs higher than hips). Our fabric is exclusively knitted in Melbourne, Australia, it is super stretchy and ensures zero sagging. We only use GOTS certified organic cotton to knit our carriers, free from nasty chemicals making the fabric breathable and non-toxic. 

It's not uncommon for babies to suckle on their carriers, which means fabrics really matter. With BabyDink you can rest assured that those sweet snoozy drool patches are perfectly safe.

For the wearer, slipping your BabyDink on like a top maximises your comfort. It's so easy. We know that often parents and caregivers look to a carrier to help settle baby quickly.

By removing the need to adjust clips or buckles or follow complicated wrapping instructions - BabyDink makes babywearing easy, giving you the same fit every time.

The signature elasticised hip band adjusts to your body shape, ideal for the 4th trimester as your body changes post giving birth, this creates an even distribution of bodyweight so you can be more comfortable as you baby wear. 

To create safety in our product, we open conversations with parents and professionals and educate our customers around choosing their correct size. We are a sized carrier - the first of it's kind. Choosing the right size for you impacts the ergonomics and comfort of the carrier. Be sure to check your measurements before purchasing

We discuss the intended use for BabyDink, and also workshop any potential misuse, to be certain our customers are informed when they use a BabyDink carrier to minimise risk. 

Importantly our safety conversation is also had with our manufacturers & design team.

BabyDink's patented design complies with rigorous safety testing of US standard ASTM F2907 and EU TR16512 and is proudly accredited by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a Hip-Healthy Product


For peace of mind follow our simple Safe Babywearing Checklist when using your BabyDink 

  • Always ensure you have watched our easy tutorial and that you have your carrier on correctly
  • Ensure you have the right size carrier for YOU - check your measurements here
  • There are 3 steps to putting your Baby in the straps of our carrier - ensure the two shoulder straps are criss-crossed under the baby's bottom, and the outer strap is pulled up to the Baby's neck (feet out is OK)
  • Your baby should always face inward in BabyDink
  • Baby's face should never be fully covered by BabyDink straps, clothing or other fabrics
  • Don’t dress your baby too warmly in the baby carrier, they gain body heat from you as well
  • Check your baby regularly that airways are clear
  • Regularly reposition bubs as needed to maintain an upright M-position with legs higher than hips 
  • Keep them close enough to kiss
  • Use common sense when moving about. Don't lie down or bend forward with a baby in a carrier
  • Follow the T.I.C.K.S  guidelines for Safe Babywearing 

BabyDink is TRUSTED- by Mums, Dads and Caregivers worldwide

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