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BabyDink Real Mum Stories Q & A #6 - Feat: Kacey

  • 5 min read

We are thrilled to launch our sixth interview in our 'Real Review of BabyDink' blog series, it is with the intention of providing real-life babywearing experiences - shared by YOU our community!

Each month, we will be asking a parent or caregiver that has used the BabyDink Classic Organic Newborn Baby Carrier, asking a series of questions centred around babywearing.

By sharing common experiences, shedding light on the joys and benefits of babywearing from those who have actually embraced it, we hope that the answers shared may help to answer the questions of prospective parents.

It offers a glimpse into the simple, daily moments where babywearing with a BabyDink carrier can help to make that a little bit easier. 

Celebrating life with a newborn and the joy of parenthood, and sharing a few 'babywearing hacks' along the way.

This week we hear from Mama of 2, Kacey who lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with her husband and children.

Kacey shares her experiences of using her BabyDink newborn baby carrier.

Can you share tell us a bit about your family? Partner & kids, and where you live. 

Hello, my name is Kacey, we have a property on a few acres on the Mornington Peninsula. We love where we live. 
I am a full time stay at home Mumma to our two beautiful children. Bertie is 2 and Ralph is 17weeks old. I am so grateful for my hardworking husband Ben. I am so lucky I am able to be at home with the kids everyday and watch them grow and constantly change into little people. Being a mum is the best job in the world. 

Can you tell us what you knew about babywearing before the arrival of bub?

When I had Bertie my two sisters gave me their baby carriers to use. Two very popular commonly-used brands but I wanted something that was easy to put on, wasn’t bulky and that baby was snug and secure all the time. I also wanted a carrier that didn’t have clips to do up, metres of material that you have to wrap around and then tie in the right position. I didn’t have time for that. If I was getting out of the house, I wanted it to be quick and easy and out the door for a walk or to the supermarket hands-free to push the trolley, all the while baby sleeping and comfortable.  

What was it about BabyWearing that appealed to you, for your family?

Having the right baby carrier for me meant that I am able to be outside on our property, assisting Ben, or hanging washing out, or watering the garden or planting some new vegetables into my beloved veggie garden. The freedom the BabyDink provides by having bubs so secure but yet having your hands free is incredibly helpful. It has actually been a lifesaver for me, especially since Ralph arrived, I am able to be outside with Bertie in her cubby house or having a tea party with her while Ralph is sound asleep and safe with us. He loves his Babydink as much as Bertie did. 

 Did you research many carrier brands? 

I didn’t do much research when it came to baby carriers. I think because I had the two carriers that I was given by my sisters, but I had been following BabyDinks journey from the start. I wanted to support Jen and her family and the brilliant business she has created. She is truely an inspiration. 

So what made BabyDink the right choice for you?

BabyDink was the right choice for me and my family because it gave me an element of freedom. I was able to be a hands on mum to Bertie, and at the same time allowed Ralph to have his naps while we were all together. 

What was the most important consideration for you when choosing your baby carrier?

I didn’t want one of those complicated wrap style carrier, that have clips, buckles and take time to do up. I wanted a carrier that was quick to wear, that held bubs tight and near. 

What would you say are the top 3 benefits that using your BabyDink baby carrier gives you?

Hands free

Comfortable to wear

Extremely supportive and secure for babies

What’s your favourite thing about BabyDink? 

My favourite thing about BabyDink is how easy it is to wear. It’s comfortable and you wear it just like a t-shirt. 

How often would you say you use it?

When the kids were newborns I would use my BabyDink at least once a day for their sleeps. Now that Ralph is a couple of months old, I still use it for supermarket trips, trips to the park so I have hands free to assist Bertie in the swing eg, for family walks. We often do beach/bush walks and find the carrier the easiest way to hold Ralph. And for his late afternoon nap when Bertie wants to be outside and Ralph is tired but not wanting his bed, I just put him in the carrier, walk around the yard and he is asleep for an hour or so. 

What are the moments or daily tasks that are made easier when wearing BabyDink?

I use the carrier for around the house if Bertie or Ralph weren’t settling in their bassinet, I would put them in the BabyDink to get a few things done. I am not one to just sit on the couch holding my baby while they have their sleep. I have a toddler now and a newborn and I need to get things done. Whether it be dishes, washing, vacuuming, making dinner, all those daily tasks I find the BabyDink carrier so useful for all these moments. The most helpful is the supermarket. I wear Ralph in the BabyDink, and Bertie in the trolley and I still have hands free to do the groceries. And Ralph gets his nap at the same time! Winning! Just having your hands free is a game-changer. 

What did you notice about bubs when they were in the carrier? 

For both Bertie and Ralph the first thing I notice is how settled they instantly become once secure in the carrier. Right against my chest, they can hear my heart and they have the comfort and smell of me. They sleep for hours in the carrier. 

Would you recommend BabyDink to a friend?

BabyDink is my go-to gift for friends becoming new mums. I’m recommending it to anyone and everyone who will listen. When you find one of those things as a new mum that “just works” you can’t help but want to gift that happiness and ease to someone else.  

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