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Getting The Most Out Of Your BabyDink

  • 3 min read

There are so many incredible benefits of babywearing, but it can be tricky sometimes. That's why we created the easiest all-in-one carrier to keep baby close without all the fuss of wrapping, clips and buckles. 

BabyDink slips on like a t-shirt, and folds up for easy storage so you can pop it in your handbag- just slip it in its cotton pouch and you're ready to go. Enjoy baby carrying- the easy way!

Here's how to get the most out of your BabyDink carrier: 


When can I start using BabyDink and up to what age can my baby be worn in a BabyDink?

We recommend using your newborn Baby Dink carrier as soon as possible after your baby arrives in the world.  Carrying your baby with the closeness Baby Dink provides is the most like being in the womb your baby will experience, perfect for your 4th Trimester.

BabyDink is designed for the first 5 months of a baby’s life or up to approx 18bs (8kgs), and is ideal for mothers who have been instructed to implement Kangaroo Care. 



What about my preemie baby?

Baby carrier regulations state 3.2kg as the starting weight for babies, however we have had many parents wear BabyDink with preemie babies and little bubs from 2kgs. We always recommend seeking advice from a health care professional, as extra precautions are needed with smaller babies when babywearing.


I’ve just had a caesarean. Can I still use BabyDink?

We do get asked this question a bit. We’ve had so much positive feedback about the support of the elastic post-caesareans. Because you can adjust the belt with the Velcro, it means you can wear it as firmly as feels comfortable!


I feel like baby is sitting too high… help!

We're aiming for the sweet spot of having baby close enough to kiss, as per the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing. If you’re finding your baby feels like they’re sitting a bit high, here are a couple of tips to get bub a little lower:

  1. When putting on your BabyDink make sure that shoulder seam stays nice and high on top of your shoulder - by pulling it down low at the back (towards your bum) then securing the Velcro.
  1. Popping bub in, really use the full stretch of the fabric - left shoulder strap first to get bubs seat as low as you can. At this point do the same with the right strap and wiggle bub down a little more if need be.

Hopefully then you’ll have your comfy position, and you can bring the mid-section of fabric up to baby's neck. Then your BabyDink will be secure and ready for you to get on with your day! 


Can I wear my baby facing forward or on my back?

Nope. It puts too much pressure on baby’s spine and joints and increases the risk of baby falling out of your BabyDink carrier. BabyDink is considered a “stretchy” carrier, therefore would not give adequate support for the baby to face forward, we strongly advise against either method. 


Is it safe for my baby’s hips?

Yes, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute classifies BabyDink as a Hip-Healthy Product. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges swaddling and babywearing devices in order to recognize products that encourage healthy hip development. This is especially important during the first six months of life when the hips are growing rapidly. You can find out more here.


It's hot where I live. How can I wear my baby safely in the heat?

BabyDink is lightweight and breathable- it is approximately 90% cotton and way less fabric that a wrap carrier! Babywearing is hot, so we always recommend wearing one less layer on yourself and one less layer on your baby. On a very hot day, keep yourself cool, and only have the baby in a nappy, that way the soft fabric of BabyDink acts as the baby’s clothes.

There are so many great benefits of babywearing. Not only is it convenient and makes life easier for the parent, but it aids in baby's development and keeps baby calm, which means a happier household all round! 





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