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Babywearing in Winter: Our Three Top Tips

  • 2 min read

It’s getting cold outside, and while those newborn snuggles are pretty cosy, you’re wondering if you can wear your baby outside in Winter. Great news is- you can! But it’s important to make sure you and baby are warm enough (and safe) while babywearing- because regardless of the time of year, safety and comfort should be the most important consideration when babywearing. 

 What should my baby wear in a carrier in Winter?

It’s important your baby stays warm, but be mindful that your body generates its own heat. As a general rule of thumb when babywearing, you count as one layer of clothing for your baby, and your carrier counts as another. Woollen tights, thermal tops and knit onesies (like this one from Wilson + Frenchy), or a cute little beanie to keep their head warm (like this one from Seed) are all great cold-weather options! Don’t forget some fluffy socks to keep those delicious little feet warm too! Quilted snowsuits and thick, padded suits are best avoided when babywearing as it makes it hard to tell how warm your baby is and they’re more likely to overheat, plus they may make your BabyDink too tight or restrictive and alter the very important sizing.


What should I wear when I’m babywearing? 

You want to keep warm, and bub will act as your own personal hot water bottle! We recommend a warm but breathable layer underneath (think wool or organic cotton). Then you can pop a cardigan, jacket or coat over the top, ensuring you keep it open so that baby can breathe safely. We love these winter warmer cardigans from Zulu & Zephyr and Everly Collective.


Anything else I should be mindful of?

 It is recommended that you use a lightweight carrier over thick, bulky carriers to avoid baby overheating, making BabyDink the perfect option for every season! It’s lightweight and supportive without being too bulky, which is so much easier when you’re throwing over your puffer jacket to pop down to the shops or the school drop-off without feeling bulky.

Also be mindful that velcro and delicate wools aren’t the best of friends… so be careful when fastening your BabyDink waistband so it doesn’t catch on your delicate sweater or cardi!

Actual Footage Of Us This Winter Season


Now that you know the 'dos' and 'do-nots', you can rug up safely and go enjoy the great outdoors with bub. Or, you could stay snuggled up in front of the heater with a hot chocolate and Netflix. And a pair of those fluffy socks Nanna got you for Christmas. And some snacks. But best of all, your ultimate snuggly delicious newborn hot-water-bottle-human (after all, Winter was made for cuddling).

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