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Five Benefits of BabyWearing for Dads

  • 3 min read

Here at BabyDink, our easy-to-wear baby carrier is suitable from birth and a favourite amongst Mama's and Papa's alike, simply put on like a top, no buckles, clips, or wrapping we can see why it's a fave amongst the guys.

So with Father's Day just around the corner, we want to celebrate all the Dads and Father figures out there, supporting their tribe and thank them for being the amazing co-creators of life they are!

So let's talk about the benefits of BabyWearing for Dads

  1. Get Bonding - Activate those paternal protective behaviours! BabyWearing provides a closeness that stimulates the production of the good-feels hormone Oxytocin which can kick start bonding 
  2. Empowered Parenting - With all that bonding and connection comes the confidence Dad needs to learn communication cues and signals more quickly
  3. Be HandsFree - Being a Dad is pretty sweet gig - but its a balancing act and you sure will appreciate having your handsfree to get other dad stuff done
  4. Adventuring - Becoming a parent is a huge one, but that doesn't mean your other interests and hobbies have to disappear. With your little human tucked up safe and secure, snuggled up to Dad - you can team up and take on the world
  5. Supporting - Cos lets face it - it takes two to tango. Babes love and need their caregivers and when the bond is strong between baby and Dad, Mum can take time for herself. Sharing the BabyWearing load benefits the whole family. 

We spoke to Josh (father of three) about his experiences of birth and bonding in those first few months.

He and his wife Lucy recently welcomed their third child and Josh tried babywearing with BabyDink for the first time in the fourth trimester. 

What better way to find out why BabyWearing is so beneficial for Dads, than from a Dad himself. 

Josh says 'the whole pregnancy experience is filled with awe-inspiring moments. Watching your partner carry, connect, and birth your offspring is 100% one of the greatest things I've ever experienced. As a Dad it can be tough to really connect with a baby you can't yet see and only sometimes get to feel the movement from this tiny miracle's kicks from the outside. 

So you just tend to focus on supporting your baby-mama throughout the pregnancy, late-night ice cream runs, a lot of agreeing to whatever she says or needs! While Luce felt connected to our baby from the get-go, for me. It's kinda not until the baby is born and I hold my baby for the first time, especially skin on skin, that my desire for deep connection really begins in a tangible way."

"What was so great about BabyDink is that I could use it (laughs), I find other carriers we have tried, a bit tricky.  You just put it on like a t-shirt. I liked to use it prepping dinner, or while Luce had a shower. Just those everyday moments that you have as a family."

"The first day we got it, I tried it on for a test run and literally in that moment we had our Marley Spoon delivery rock up, so with baby strapped on, I met the delivery guy at the gate and was pretty chuffed with myself that I could pick up the box, carry the baby and bring dinner home!"

"There is lots of other practical stuff, cos life is still going on, things like taking the bins out, going for a walk, and doing dishes..which the BabyDink helps so much with, but the best bit was having the confidence to hold Murph that close to me, we tried skin-on-skin lots of times and she felt so safe and snug in there. I could take her anywhere."

Josh notes the feeling of 'protector' that overtakes him - each time he has become a father. With every birth, his life takes on new meaning - he describes the birth experience as a rite of passage. "Being a part of bringing new life into the world. A renewed sense of purpose sets in for me, I am overcome with love really, and a deeper connection to my beautiful wife and kids."

So there you have it, with all that connection and handsfree cuddle time awaiting, the benefits of BabyWearing for both parents and babies are plenty. BabyDink offers Dad's an opportunity to get in on the nurturing action from birth - and we think that is pretty special. 


We absolutely love seeing pics of all Dads dinking, be sure to use hashtag #babydinkdad so we can see yours, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram for our Fathers Day Giveaway! Hint - it includes beer...because...Dads.


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