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BabyWearing with Hip Dysplasia

  • 4 min read

Its no secret here at BabyDink, that we are passionate about the benefits of BabyWearing. 

There are many practical, developmental and emotional benefits -which are frequently celebrated and widely discussed.

Benefits such as bonding with your new baby, while being handsfree to wrangle other children, or get the dishes done. Or learning your baby's communication cues more quickly and reducing crying in babies up to 52%. 

All of which are fabulous by-products of BabyWearing and stand out reasons for all caregivers to consider BabyWearing if they haven't already. 

BabyDink is suitable from birth to six months and has been recognised as one of the Top Baby Carriers of 2020.

In addition to these and the are many more benefits of BabyWearing. There is another more physical reason where BabyWearing can be hugely beneficial. 

Let's talk Hip Dysplasia - it might surprise you to hear that 'as many as 1 in six newborn babies have mild hip instability at birth, and approximately one per thousand has a dislocated hip.' 2020

For many new parents and caregivers, hospital tests in those wee hours after birth to check on babes hip health, can be a nerve wracking experience. Then for those one in six families, who experience a diagnosis of Infant Hip Dysplasia there are naturally many questions.

The IHDI is a fantastic resource to help new parents and caregivers gain further understanding of the diagnosis and provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. You can find out more here

Thankfully, one key area of support for families and babes with Hip Dysplasia is BabyWearing. 

Having a new baby is a truly blessed and life-altering transition for families and a Hip Dysplasia diagnosis means in addition to the anticipated needs of a newborn, that beautiful bubba now has some unexpected needs to be met. 

For many families, knowing that babe can be carried safely and snuggled up close to Mum, Dad or Caregiver, provides practical everyday comfort. 

So what are the safest and most comfortable wasy to BabyWear for Hip Dysplasia? 

  • Physiotherapist advice is that a mild abducted or 'cuddling' position is best ie: knees apart but too widely
  • Head support is particularly important for infants with very little head & neck control
  • For easy breathing keep babies face is clear of fabric and your body
  • Natural breathable fabrics are recommended

According to Choice Buying Guides for Baby Carriers and Slings 2019

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) states that babies with hip instability may benefit substantially when proper hip position is maintained while BabyWearing. Ensuring the 'Natural' or M Position for babe as this is most helpful for natural hip development. See below


'When proper hip position is maintained while babywearing, there may be substantial benefit for natural hip development. The M-position is a natural clinging position for infants – also known as the Spread-Squat, or Jockey Position. This is recommended as a healthy habit with the thighs spread around the mother’s torso and the hips bent so the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks with the thighs supported.This practice may decrease the risk of hip dysplasia, and should be encouraged in regions with high prevalence of hip dysplasia especially where screening and treatment are insufficient.' hip 2020

BabyDink sat down with two of our gorgeous mama customers Vanessa & Kellie to hear about their experiences with her daughters Hip Dysplasia diagnosis and finding a baby carrier that suited their needs. 

Vanessa's Story

'Amelia has always been the type of baby that wants to be close to me and held most of the day, as most bubs do! I found carrying her to be the easiest way to satisfy her and get things done at the same time.'

'However when Amelia was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and placed into a brace at twelve weeks of age, I found the carriers I was using weren’t fitting right.'

'It was a really difficult at the start because she was so unsettled and I found myself searching for the perfect carrier. I then stumbled across the BabyDink and haven’t looked back since, by far the best baby carrier I have used!'

'Firstly the fabric is super supportive however also wraps around Amelias brace perfectly. I love that it slips on like a T-shirt and that there is no physical wrapping and unwrapping needed to get it on and off. Super convenient! So easy to wash and clean which is always great. I honestly use the BabyDink every day and highly highly recommend it!' 

Kellie's Story

Kellie's beautiful baby girl was 6 weeks old when she was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and fitted with a Denis-Browne bar brace.

'We had had been using the BabyDink since our baby girl was about one week old.  I used it everywhere; to cafes, for mothers group meetings, medical appointments, groceries and jobs around the house.'

'As a newborn, she would spend most of her time in the BabyDink

After the diagnosis - 'At a time when you are helping a baby to adapt
to being in the brace, you need to figure out how best to get them in the car seat, what clothes will fit over it and how to change a nappy (the first number 3 with a 24/7 brace was all hands-on deck), it was amazing to discover we could still use the BabyDink. '

'To have something familiar to the both of us was really nice.  It meant getting out of the house and to all the extra appointments, was just as easy as it was before having the brace fitted.  I always loved how easy the BabyDink was to use and seeing her little faced snuggled in close.'

How-To BabyDink with Hip Dysplasia 

Not only can BabyWearing in the appropriate carrier promote healthy hip function it ensures that parents and caregivers can continue to comfort, cuddle, bond and connect with their bubba's in the most natural way.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia with your child you can find some support with The International Hip Dysplasia Institute here where you will also find more information about BabyDink's Hip Healthy certification.

** Be sure to follow the TICKS rules for safe babywearing at all times **


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