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Get Out & About with BabyDink

  • 5 min read

Here at BabyDink Australia, its been a little while since we've been 'Out & About'...

Yes we are talking beyond your back yard and even further than 25km. It's almost hard to believe but its happening! As Covid-19 restrictions ease here in Melbourne, we thought it timely to share some, benefits of embracing BabyWearing with BabyDink as you venture out into the world again. 

Living in a pandemic world, with unprecedented limitations on our movements has meant for many new parents and caregivers, 'Out & About' hasn't exactly been a frequent activity in 2020 and naturally we all have safety at the forefront of our minds, that of our families and especially our newborns. 

Sure our new-look masked face looks a bit different, but we are all eager to get back to some semblance of normality. Visiting beloved family and friends, parks, beaches...cafes...restaurants - whoa, the EXCITEMENT!

It's likely that with a combination of baby brain and new freedom headiness, you might throw everyone in the car and get halfway to your destination and think... Uh-oh did we pack snacks? Water? Nappies?...Wipes? Did we put the pram in?

BabyDink Organic Newborn Baby Carriers combine convenience with comfort. Our simple design is effortlessly slipped on like a t-shirt - giving the wearer the same fit every time.

By minimising the time it takes to put on and get bubs in safely,  the kinder/school run, supermarket sweep or adventuring with the family can be made that bit easier.

All the while fostering connection and snuggles and more often than not, a snoozing bub. Yes please!

Some major reasons to consider BabyWearing as you get out in the world again. 

1. Save Time & Be Handsfree

Simply put on like a top and your good-to-go. No fussing with clips, wraps or buckles or lifting heavy prams. If you do take the pram as an option or for older kids, you have your hands free to push whilst settling bub, happily tucked up in our lush organic cotton - close to you.

Handsfree also means you can push swings, drink that life-force that is coffee, or hold hands with another sweet human in your life. 

2. Comfort & Support

Our lightweight fabric is designed to be breathable, making it perfect for BabyWearing in the warmer months and travel (oh yes, the time will come) - you can sit, stand and walk comfortably supported by our signature elasticised hip band.

When you are on the go,  the simplicity and minimal time required (literally just a few minutes) to put your BabyDink on, is a game changer. You can even wear the carrier from home comfortably all day, so when you arrive at your destination you are ready to simply pop baby in - saving time and fussing.

You can watch our super EASY HOW-TO TUTORIAL

3. Nurture & Connect

For modern parents, an increasing interest in attachment parenting has seen huge growth in popularity of  BabyWearing. The benefits of which are scientifically researched and include reduced crying time by uptown 51%, nurturing closeness and connection and stimulating brain development - just to name a few.

So just where can BabyDink help to make your day-to-day adventuring easier? 

Just in case you need some inspiration, we checked in with some our gorgeous BabyDink customers, who shared with us where Dinking makes the difference in their day. 

School and Kinder Drop Off 

'I thought I'd maybe use this sparingly, like when I was out for the day and needed my hands free for my older kiddo. I wear this almost everyday. 

I put it on before I get in the car and when I get to school pick up I can just pop bubs in and go!' Rhiannon

I’m a big fan of baby carriers and with baby #3 I knew exactly what I want before he was even born. I knew structured carriers were no good for newborn to 3m so I wanted a wrap. I’ve used a stretchy wrap with my other two and I loved it, but wanted less wrapping and quicker way to put baby in and out so I researched models and brands where baby is ergonomically correctly positioned, had a chat with a baby wearing consultant and decided to try babydink. Definitely happy with my choice, baby is 13days old and loves it. I can do school and kindy drop offs efficiently and I am planning on raising this baby without a pram, baby carriers only. ~ Raia 


'I wore my BabyDink to the supermarket and could easily get out the car and put bubs in straight away' ~ Victoria

Long Walks

'BabyDink is fantastic for long walks - my baby slept the whole way and my back wasn't aching afterwards' ~ Vic

As a first time mum, the BabyDink has made my life with a newborn so much easier! It is so easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. Bub sits so snug in there, she falls asleep as soon as she’s put in.  It’s great for wearing bub around the house when I need my hands free or out walking the dog. I am so happy with my purchase! Highly recommend. ~ Shelley

I wanted to say thank you for this amazing carrier. We have been able to get out and about on little family walks keeping our little man safe from germs but also nice and warm. Hubby also rocks the dink and always asks to wear it. So thank you again from a first time mum! ~ Rachelle

Take Bubs to Work Day

I am so glad to receive my BabyDink..convenient, easy to use and wear, great support for both my daughter and my back. I even used it today whilst running a study session with my Year 12s at the local cafe...she slept the whole time whilst I taught. ~ Kimberley

Getting Social 

I love my babydink! It really is a life saver, my little one falls asleep within minutes when I put her in it (which gives me a break from holding her). Great for popping to the shops going for a walk or at social events when she needs a nap. So easy to use! Thank you babydink for an amazing product! ~ Rebecca


We are sure you're as excited as we are to get amongst it, we so grateful that the wider world is beckoning (albeit within our borders).

We invite you awesome new parents to adventure with BabyDink's Organic Newborn Baby Carrier.

Because a safe and snuggled baby is a happy baby - And we all know a happy baby makes getting out and about happier for everyone!

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