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A Conscious Christmas with BabyDink

  • 4 min read

Ah excuse us...its almost Christmas...How is that possible?

How does this time of year seem to whizz around more and more quickly and catch us by surprise year after year?

If 2020 has taught us anything, as Mama's & Papa's - ain't no-one got time to get caught up in the crazy, self imposed pressures of 'perfection'. The perfect tree, the perfect house, the perfect everything - is so 2019. 

After the year we have all endured with Covid-19 Restrictions, new work from home challenges, home schooling and being separated from loved ones, this is not the year for high pressure. No way. 

2020 has been a huge shake up and with all its challenges has arguably offered us all the gift of simplicity. Slowing down and honouring time with self and family. 

This year it feels very much that Christmas is more than ever, all about being together and simple pleasures.

So let's talk practical steps to keep ourselves grounded and embracing the theme of presence this festive season.

If you and your family are blessed to be rolling into the end of this crazy year with a newborn we are so thrilled for you - congratulations! 

For new parents and the seasoned among us, we can all benefit from a gentle reminder to breathe and keep it simple. Even if its baby's first Christmas - it's just one day... yes many things will pull you in many directions, but with a little conscious planning you can create the Christmas Day you really want for yourself and your family.

However you are spend the day, be it hosting the extended family or travelling to visit loved ones. BabyDink offers the gift of support and endless snuggles with your littlest, leaving you handsfree for bigger kids, family and friends - embracing babywearing this festive season, will ensure you get to enjoy the celebrations too. BabyDink Australia's organic cotton baby carrier is comfy enough to leave on all day.

Our gift to you is the simplicity of HandsFree BabyWearing. With BabyDink you can move slowly throw your to-do lists and outings, keeping baby close and sleep schedules uncompromised.

We have compiled a simple no nonsense list of Christmas hacks for parents of new bubs featuring 8 super practical things you can do to feel organised, and in flow this Christmas allowing you to be present, create space and celebrate the festive season with a smile.


1. Fill Your Cup - Energy - is key and may be in short supply if you're navigating the 4th trimester. But there is no denying, especially at this time of're going to need it in spades. Whether you're a first time parent or have a football team of kids. You can't be fun Mum or Dad if you're exhausted and nothing kills the festive spirit like a grumpy parent :) Life is busy, so it's up to you to carve out time for self. What a gift to give your kids, showing them that taking care of yourself is a priority. Try waking 30 mins earlier than the rest fo the house, gather your thoughts, sip a warm cuppa - and begin your day with a little self love. Or take your cue from bubs and nap in sync once through the day...or simply sit quietly in meditation or stillness. Breathing. Inhale to the count of 5. Exhale to the count of 5. 

2. Embrace the List - Take a cue for the main man himself, if it works for Santa...Start with everything you need to ensure bubs is settled and happy...wink wink...BabyDink...Then get cracking, one for food, one for gifts, one for getting the house ready or the car packed if you're on the move.

3. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. And once more for the people up the back...Delegate. Take a good hard look at those lists and assign tasks to anyone and everyone who is contributing to the day. Partners, parents, older children...People love to feel included and needed so share the load. No one wants a frazzled host, or mama - who got it all done but was so exhausted they forgot to enjoy the day - the Super Human thing is also, so last year. Let it Go!

4. Modify you Expectations - Honour where you are at energetically and financially. When it comes to gifting and decorating and budgets. You don't have to spend more time or money than you can afford to have a joyful time. So keep it real. 

5. Say No. Own your needs. Your Baby comes first- follow your intuition, a family gathering doesn't have to mean baby pass-the-parcel. Trust your parenting instincts and try not to let guilt overshadow the joyful Christmas moments.

6. Set budgets and boundaries - a post Chrissie financial hang over is never worth it.

7. Shop Small, Sustainably and Consciously - We all want to be more sustainable and  and homemade is such a lovely touch - but if you are tired and time poor - let the artisan makers do the making and you do the supporting of their small business. That goes for food too. It's true that when you buy from a small business, an actual human being does a happy dance. That's certainly the case here at BabyDink Australia.

8. Make it Fun! Crank the Carols and be Merry - music is the key to good times , and although the carols might be overcooked in shopping centres and work places - the cheery disposition and sweet beats always raises be sure to make the effort to set the mood and celebrate with your nearest and dearest.


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