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BabyDink - 5 Tips to Keep Cool while BabyWearing

  • 4 min read

Let's talk BabyWearing in Summer with BabyDink.

When the sun is shining and the days are getting longer, the Vitamin D is calling and we all want to get outside as much as possible. The season of BBQ's, beach walks and park hangs with the family.  BabyWearing makes enjoying these and all the other everyday family activities that much easier ...but if its hot out there, it can get hot in there too.

It is not surprising that as the weather heats up, so can BabyWearing.

We have taken the tricky out of it, and edited our Five Top Tips for Staying Cool while BabyWearing to make it as simple and safe as possible.

It's no secret those newborn snuggles are super cosy and you've likely not given it much thought, that something as simple as the weather - changes the way you need to approach BabyWearing. 

Parents, caregivers and babies still want and need the carrier convenience, albeit preferably with an in-built fan or air conditioner option - unfortunately that's not yet available, but there are some key things you can do to get more comfy and less sweaty when BabyWearing in the warmer months. 

You can still enjoy the handsfree convenience of BabyWearing in the warmer months. Just be mindful of our top five tips below because regardless of the time of year, when it comes to BabyWearing we all want to ensure that measures are taken to ensure the safety and comfort of our most precious newborn bubba's - and let's face it, reducing the stick/sweaty factor is a huge win!

The TICKS rules for safe BabyWearing are straight forward in a temperature controlled environment, but what do you need to think about when it comes to the safety and comfort of you and bubs when things are heating up and you're out and about trying to make the most of it?

1. Dress for the Weather

When it comes to fabric choices, thins light and breezy and natural fibres. Organic breathable fabrics are the ideal for the person wearing the baby. Consider one less layer for each of you, and remember BabyDink's super soft and stretchy organic straps can substitute your babies clothes on those really hot days. Nice and cool with just a nappy on, bubs is protected by the fabric  layer of the carrier which can be spread across evenly for maximum coverage, while keeping bubs face facing outward enjoying the fresh air.

If your at home and you're not blessed with air conditioning, we also suggest enjoying that skin-to-skin time, with either no top or just a bra or singlet. With bubs again just in a nappy, you can continue to snuggle and enjoy the many nervous system regulatory benefits of BabyWearing. 

Of course a layer of fabric will minimise the sticky between you - just keep in mind any synthetic fabric will add heat.

We love Rowie the Label - a stunning Australian label that shares our passion for natural fibres and sustainable production. This season pairs beautifully with BabyDink's Organic Newborn Baby Carrier in Sand, Lunar, Rose & Free Spirit.

2. Hydration is Key

When bubs is hot, and still feeding exclusively via breast or bottle - that fluid is the 'water' or hydration source. It's likely baby will demand more frequent feeds on a hot day to stay hydrated. Of course, increasing your water intake is important for everyone in the heat - so don't forget to keep yourself hydrated too. Pack an insulated drink bottle when on the move, and aim for 8 glasses per day as a guide, a good way to remember, is one for bubs and one for you.  

We love Seed and Sprout Co - an innovative company based in Byron Bay, working to reduce our impact on the planet, one clever sustainable life hack at a time

3. Sun Protection

We all know the UV index factor is an important consideration when spending time outside, especially with little ones. Where possible avoid the midday sun and be guided by the UV index recommendations on the day. If you can't avoid it, BYO shade. Umbrellas, hats for bubs (made of soft breathable fabric) and even a wide brim hat for you can offer shade for baby too.  The Cancer Council of Australia advises minimising the use of sunscreen on babies due to their delicate and highly absorptive skin. Lightweight fabrics or muslins are a great alternative for shade and sun protections when BabyWearing - just ensure bubs airways are clear and air is circulating under any fabric used for shade. 

We love Oak Meadow Clothing - gorgeous small batch Australia fashion that makes the prettiest dresses and accessories for Mama and bub.

4. Keep Cool

Simple things like packing an insulated lunchbox with icepacks for water, a small towel or baby wipes, gives you quick and accessible cool down option. Drape a cool cloth or wipe at the back of babies neck (or yours) - or use for top to toe sponge baths and wiping face, hands and feet.

Hand held fans are also a great way to access airflow. Most fit conveniently in your nappy bag and offer instant relief.

We love Biome Australia for all things lifestyle and sustainability 

5. Frequent Checks

Of course we know that babies can't simply tell us when they don't feel well, so its important to check-in frequently, especially in the heat. The NSW health department has a fantastic resource for things to be mindful of when babies and children are experiencing a hot climate. Things like alertness, regular wet nappies, general disposition, temperature and healthy skin colour are good check points. You can find out more here

Sharing the Aussie Sustainable Business LOVE...

You might have noticed some links above - be sure to check them out. Each will lead you to find out more about a product that might make life a little easier and just more beautiful but in a very sustainable way. We are so inspired by these incredible Australian businesses, they are run by women - like us - with a dream to help and inspire others. This is not a paid post just a genuine celebration of like minded spirits - be sure to check them out if you haven't already. 

Biome Australia Seed and Sprout Co Rowie the Label  Oak Meadow 




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