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Safe Babywearing begins with the Fabric

  • 3 min read

Its baby safety month and that excites us greatly here are BabyDink.

Literally everything we do here, is done with safety in mind. Because when it comes to our babies, its' the number one priority.

Becoming a new parent humbly reminds us of this and the once, predictable and safe world suddenly transforms and our thinking invaded with multiple real or imagined 'unsafe' things we'd never considered before children.

Welcome to parenthood, equal parts adoration, deep love and a sprinkling of irrational fear - LOL.

Fortunately we are living in the age of choice and transparency. 

We have a choice as to how we manufacture our products and you have a choice as a consumer, to access products that align with your values. 

We can safely assume you are reading this, because Safety matters to you too.

With so many new things to consider and new info to take in when expecting a baby, we believe it is our job to keep it simple for you. When creating the BabyDink newborn baby carrier,  we were guided by the principles of safety first - for the Babe, the Parent and the Planet.

This month we wanted to talk to you about safety and why the fabric of you carrier matters.  Did you know that fabric the foremost important safety feature of your baby carrier?

The reasons are simple. 

1. Correct Position - for Baby

Baby wearing as a practice has safety guidelines to help you navigate how to safeyl wear you baby. Know as the TICKS guildelines - they refer to Tight, In View at all times, Close Enough to Kiss, Straight back for babe.

Each of these guidelines are centred around baby's position. When it comes to wearing your baby, near enough isn't safe enough.

Unlike other wrap carriers, that rely on your own ability to wrap correctly, BabyDink's trademarked design does this for you. Which in turn removes the niggling doubts, 'Am I doing this right?'

Central to BabyDink's innovative design and exclusive knitted fabric come together to remove the guess work for parents using a wrap-esque carrier. 

The fabric is knitted in Melbourne Australia, using GOTS certified cotton yarn and woven with specialty spandex to ensure zero zagging and maximum comfort and retention. Soft enough rest on baby and secure enough to ensure the TICKS guidelines are effortlessly met. 

Using our 3 step process to pop baby in, its wrap carrying redefined. 

A BabyDink carrier will always have baby positioned correctly each time. 

**** Insert images of 3 steps.

2. Support & Comfort - for both of you

The BabyDink difference is the fact that the carrier is sized like a top. You choose the right size, which means no straps, buckles or clips to adjust and the pre-wrapped straps are custom fit for you and your babe. 

Think of BabyDink as the capsule of baby carrier - just as you wouldn't put a newborn in a front facing car seat, likewise it is ill-advised to use a structured carrier before your baby is developmentally ready, until head and neck control is established. 

BabyDink has been developed with the importance of using an age appropriate carrier in mind. Our gentle but firm fabric supports your new baby in the first 6 months of life, as they grow. 

The T-Shirt like garment design is super stylish, simple to use, safe and very supportive for the wearer. Thanks to our fully adjustable velcro Hip Band - you can enjoy added support on the lowers hips post-partum, and adjust as feels comfortable.

3. No Nasties

The processing of any fabric is an important consideration when choosing a product that is close to your babies skin. Even your baby carrier.

Sure you want organic cotton onesies and socks and cute little hats, but did you know that most new parents use a baby carrier, on average XXX hours per day? So it makes sense that your carrier should be safe and non toxic too.

BabyDink uses non-toxic dye??? So you can rest easy when bubs is chewing and drooling all over your BabyDink carrier. 

2 reasons - babydink GOTS non toxic dye process  and structural integrity of our exclusivly knitted fabric ensures baby and wearer are comfy and support with the same fit every time. 

manufactured in melbourne, smal batch reusable and recyclable. 

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