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Creating your ideal fourth trimester

  • 3 min read

Every part of the human pregnancy journey is Sacred. No other life experience can compare. It is truly unique unto itself. The fourth trimester creates a space to integrate this life altering experience.


As mothers, from the awe -inspiring moment we find out we are with child - it begins.


Perhaps you had always dreamed of this moment, or you have had to fight for it or were completely taken by surprise. 


Each experience of growing new life brings with it new learnings and incomparable personal growth.  

Nine months (rather closer to 10 for most and that is oh-so normal btw) of navigating all the feelings and preparation of birth and beyond. Researching all the products you will need to support you after the arrival of your baby. 


In Western culture we place much of the emphasis on these nine months, breaking it down into 12 week trimester chunks. We mostly keep it practical. Doctors appointments and planning meticulously for the birth, as we move towards the day we meet the wee little human on board for the ride.


Consciously or unconsciously, we begin the right of passage that is pregnancy, like all others, on a journey...with blind faith driven by the need for acquiring new skills, and knowledge for the task ahead. 


We overcome challenges and discomfort (heartburn anyone?), knowing within ourselves, we have all that is required to birth our babies, in whatever way that becomes for every mother individually. After the labour or the surgery each with its obstacles to overcome…the reward will outweigh the endeavour. 


Even in moments of doubt or crisis, we as mothers will rise.


Ah and then - the Birth itself...the glorious culmination of overcoming the hard things.


The climbing to the top of the mountain so-to-speak and taking in the breathtaking view, exhausted and exhilarated - you get to meet your baby earth-side for the first time. 

The overwhelming LOVE!


This little Soul has chosen you Mama. To be the vessel and the Guide on their very own life journey - everything you are is all you will ever need.


Creating your ideal fourth trimester begins immediately after birth wherein lies a Sacred passage of time where should you choose it - skin on skin time, a deep bond & connection as well as nervous system regulation can set the tone for your journey as a family.


BabyDink has been thoughtfully deigned for this time specifically. From the place of encouraging bonding between bubs and parents or caregivers and to make those early days just a little bit easier. The organic cotton straps of the carrier protect bubs and even act as a layer of clothing, which means skin-on-skin can still be achieved if you have to be present to the needs of older siblings. 

Another key benefit of BabyDink for your post partum support, is the signature elasticised hip band, which is fully adjustable. Supporting your lower back when babywearing, even post c-section. Our super soft fabric design means you can sit whilst wearing a carrier too.


Inspired by that lovely time post birth, often coined The Golden Hour the first 60 minutes after bubs arrives, which is reserved for skin-on-skin time and the first feed, regardless of your choice to breast or bottle feed, that first feed is incredibly moving and a miracle of our biology and this little hour has loads of benefits for mum and bub. Ranging from hormone production to uterus retraction…all a beautiful dance between a mother’s need and that of her baby. 

It’s an integration of the heart...where you and your baby are able to simply be in connection.

The benefits of Babywearing are that it offers a convenient way to expand this as time moves forward. It has been well documented that babywearing stimulates the beneficial hormone Oxytocin, nurtures closeness and connection where parents learn communication cues more quickly.

With connection in mind, following on from those golden moments, The Fourth Trimester continues along for another 4 slow and intentional weeks. 


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