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Back to School Hacks - Why BabyWearing is your Go-To

  • 4 min read

It's back to school time!

This year, after the rollercoaster that was 2020, back to school is bound to attract mixed emotions in your household with the school aged littles. So we thought we should share some back to school hacks and the benefits of babywearing - just to make mornings that little bit more manageable for parents juggling kinder and school drop offs with new babies. 

If summer days led to longer summer nights, routines took a holiday and 'sometimes' foods crept they’re sneaky way into the daily...its’ safe to say you may be feeling the gentle nudge of a return to systems and routines and those pesky to-do lists. 


After slow summer days, getting back into the swing of organisation can feel a little – overwhelming to say the least.


But this return to scheduling doesn't have to be a return to frazzle and friction. Take note of the silver lining of Covid – the slow life that was encouraged and go with slow and steady.


Even with a newborn human in tow, you can embrace this and while no doubt your mornings will be super full, with a little structure you can get everyone out the door on time...most of the time...except when you don't, because sometimes you won't and that's OK too. (Thankyou Dr Suess)


We chatted to our beautiful BabyDink community and found some absolute organisational gold from Mama's just like you that have school/kinder routines sorted, and yes BabyWearing was right up there.


1. Get the Bigger Kids Involved 


There are loads of ways to get the bigger kids to contribute to getting sorted for school, it might be less of a break and more of a management situation depending on the age of your kids, but in the long run, it teaches them responsibility in a tangible way, and they’re never too young to begin learning the art of independence. 

Laying out uniforms, or packing lunchboxes is a great way to start. 


Keep it simple and achievable to build confidence.


2. Plan & Discuss the Week Ahead


Taking some time to chat through the week ahead helps lots of families stay connected. For parents, merging your Google Calendars is a big help – with so many of us using our phones as planners and diaries these days, it keeps you in the loop with each other wand minimises the ‘I told you that last week’ conversations. Never done it? You can find out more here.

Kids love structure and many thrive with clear boundaries. Encourage them to be active participants in their own lives. Magnets and organisation charts for family routines are a super fun visual aid to help to keep everyone on track in the household. 

Kids love having a reference that is independent and as they get use it you, you might not need to repeat yourself quite as much, with the constant reminders. A simple ‘Have you checked what’s next on your list’ will do the trick. 

Check out Arlo & Co, they have loads of clever products that can be personalised too.



3. Prepare – Take Back the Night (before)


The Sunday checklist is a winner. Do you have to? No, but cit an save you from a Monday morning meltdown. 


-       Clean clothes / uniforms 

-       Lunchbox foods in the pantry

-       Clean drink bottles 

-       School bags and shoes by the door

-       Readers read and signed off 

-       Pack lunchboxes the night before - this is a such game changer, works for grown ups too encourage older kids to DIY – keep an area of the pantry or fridge dedicated to school snacks 


-       Baking something they love on the weekend in readiness for the week ahead can be fun, it’s creative and encourages a necessary life skill, ie feeding oneself! Whilst simultaneously exposing kids to maths (measuring) and home economics


-       Regular bedtime and night time routine - every parent’s holy grail – it can feel like such a battle, but keeping consistent here is hugely effectively to ensuring smooth sailing in the morning 


-       Take a long hot shower in peace – that way if the morning goes a-wol you can wash your face and throw on your go-to face stuff to get out the door feeling a little bit fresh. We love everything GOTO Skincare for all the outward glow and look alive lotions and potions.



4. Sort Bub First so you’re Free to help the Big Kids


-       Have your nappy bag loaded and in the car the night before 


-       Feed before you leave – try to time the morning feed well before you need to be out the door – a full tummy is the key to a smooth morning of running around


-       Pop a full bubs somewhere safe, like a rocker or bassinet while you tend to breakfast for the other family members and feed yourself too Mama, don’t we often somehow forget we need fuel too? Your adrenals will thank you.


-       Unless you plan on going for a walk after drop off, ditch the pram – minimising the ‘In & Out’ of the car and pram for bubs is a lifesaver. 

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