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Babywearing & Holiday Travel with a Newborn

  • 5 min read

With Easter holidays right around the corner here in Australia, many of our gorgeous BabyDink community may be getting a touch excited for a family getaway. If you are planning a trip somewhere around our beautiful country now is the perfect time to consider embracing babywearing the no-wrap way and packing a BabyDink in your suitcase.

Not heading away, but still planning special times at home together with loved ones…the same convenient benefits of babywearing with your newborn apply…and let’s face it holidays means our days are fuller with older kids home, or more on the social calendar just generally.  

Whether you are keeping it local and embracing the staycation, road trippin’ or (gasp) travelling on an aeroplane…there are many bonuses for new parents to embrace babywearing during these busy times. 

So just how can babywearing make life easier for you while travelling? 

The overall benefits of babywearing are really experienced daily for those in the know. The closeness, the safety, the comfort and nurturing are all key reasons to babywear, but never more, then when routines are disrupted, can babywearing really be the ally to lighten the load of parents and caregivers on the move more than usual. 

Babywearing offers a peace of mind and the reassurance, that you will have everything you need (each other) to enjoy your precious holiday moments with family and friends. 

The added layer of travel with a new bub can feel ‘big’ so we thought it timely to touch on the comfort that babywearing can bring to both of you as you adventure these holidays. 

Whatever your plans are this Easter – BabyDink has got you. 

If the airport is on your itinerary these school holidays, babywearing is a game changer. 

After emerging out of a lockdown, and venturing into the world again you will want to keep baby as close as possible. 

It is an all-too common experience for folks who consider a capsule and pram as the only mode of transport for bubs – only to realise at the check in counter that those items must be checked in with your baggage, rendering you optionless for carting bubs through the arduous airport and customs journey. There is a better way.

Simply throwing your BabyDink baby carrier in your carry- on luggage will save you and your loving arms from the awkward and uncomfortable juggle of bubs in your arms, wrangling toddlers, reaching for documents or trying to buy and eat your overpriced meal. 

Airports are busy places and navigating this sensory overloaded environment, especially with older children is no mean feat. It is comforting to know that with your precious new baby can be safely snuggled in your Dink – it just gives you one less thing to think about. 

The benefits in the terminal are fantastic, but where your BabyDink really shines is on board the aeroplane.

Didn’t get the seat with the bassinet? Never fear. BabyDink offers an alternative that is guaranteed to have baby snoozing in no time. 

Our exclusive design requires no wrapping, no buckles or clips which means you can simply slip your BabyDink on like a top. 

The organic, breathable fabric means you won’t overheat and baby is safely tucked up close to you, comforted by the closeness and having their nervous regulated by your heartbeat.

Our signature elasticised hipband has been designed with these moments in mind – soft, stretchy and supportive – it means you can sit down in your seat comfortably still wearing bubs with zero sharp or uncomfortable clips or knots of fabric digging into your body. 

Need to feed? 

Another benefit of a BabyDink ® carrier is that because its worn like a top, you can leave the carrier on and simply slip bubs out of one strap and carefully to the feeding position. 

Once bubs had fed you can slip them back in with very little disturbance.

Of course we always recommend following the T.I.C.K.S rules for safe babywearing. Baby should be upright, with airways clear at all times. Close enough to kiss and not sleeping at the breast.

All settled? Did someone say a light snack or some inflight entertainment? Yes please!

When you arrive at your destination, simply fold your BabyDink like a top and place it in your reusable cotton pouch for easy storage, pop it back in your nappy bag for easy access next time you need it. You can even fit a change of clothes and a spare dummy in there too, which can come in rather handy when you’re out and about trying to search for such items on the fly.

If you're travelling these holidays on a good ol’ fashioned road trip – you too will enjoy the benefits of BabyDink. 

The ease of putting our carrier on like a top, means you don’t need anyone else to help you get sorted. Bubs is settled in mere moments and you can get on with your adventuring – with very minimal disruption. 

When you’re in a new environment and the schedule is different, often where babywearing shines is as an alternative to the cot nap. Babies can find it reassuring to be connected to their person. 

Whether it’s a solid day sleep or even if it’s just to settle, using a BabyDink baby carrier means that bubs can be gently taken out after falling asleep, by simply stretching the two shoulder straps down making for easier transitions to the cot or bassinet. 

We make washing super easy too. Either by hand or on a delicate cold wash cycle in the machine. 

Hang your carrier out on the washing line and with the drying time  much like that of a t-shirt, you'll be good to go in no time.

One of our favourite things about Babywearing when travelling is it acts like a shield for new bubbas in a very busy places, where well-meaning people might be tempted to give a little cheek squeeze or two. Babies are still developing their immune systems so minimising their exposure to unknown germs is a huge advantage. 

The same can be true of family events where curious loved ones and kidlets want to shower your new bub with kisses and sticky fingers – gorgeous and love filled yes, but be more than you feel comfortable with. 

Babywearing gives you an option to minimise your babes interactions with the outside world and is such a lifesaver when things are hectic and routines are virtually impossible to stick to. 

It means you can keep up with pace of holiday life and activities without sacrificing the sleep and comfort needs of your precious new baby – just another reason why we absolutely love babywearing and you will too. 

We all deserve to celebrate this year a little extra after the year that was…so if that means a holiday away, a holiday at home, all the Bunny themed activities, committed chocolate consumption and potentially matchy-matchy pyjamas - go for it and embrace babywearing!

Happy Easter & Safe Travels!

Love BabyDink XO

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