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BabyDink - Real Mum's Q & A #1

  • 3 min read

We are thrilled to launch our latest blog series 'Real Reviews' with the intention of providing real life baby wearing experiences - shared by YOU our BabyDink community!

Each month, we will be asking a parent or caregiver that has used the BabyDink Classic Organic Newborn Baby Carrier, asking a series of questions centered around babywearing.

By sharing common experiences, shedding light on the joys and benefits of babywearing from those who have actually embraced it, we hope that the answers shared may help to answer the questions of prospective parents.

It offers a glimpse into the simple, daily moments where babywearing with a BabyDink carrier can help to make that little bit easier. 

Celebrating life with a newborn and the joy of parenthood, and sharing a few 'babywearing hacks' along the way.

This week we hear from mama-of-three Lucy Moran - Lucy shares a rural property on the Mornington Peninsula with her Husband Josh (who also rocked a Dink) and her three beautiful children, Van (9), Frankie (8) & Murphy (1), she shares her experiences of using BabyDink, with our founder & CEO Jennie McAlpine


So Luce, tell us what you knew about BabyWearing before the arrival of bub?

Not much really, I hadn’t really embraced it with my older kids at all. We were more of a double pram fam – though that was 10 years ago now! I had a carrier for them when they were 12+ months, but it was hardly used. It wasn’t until I spent time throughout my latest pregnancy prepping for a natural birth ( I'd had 2 C-Sections prior) that I learned a little about the benefits of bonding with babywearing.

What was is about BabyWearing that appealed to you, for your family?

We had two primary school aged kids, and we knew that when bubs arrived our schedule was going to be put under pressure, especially in the mornings. I really needed something comfy and easy to put on by myself when my partner wasn’t around. I was definitely going to need my hands free to get the older kids sorted in the morning…breaky, lunchboxes, signing readers etc – it felt really overwhelming when I was preparing for that stage and babywearing offered a solution.

 Did you research many carrier brands? 


From all the high end ones to wraps – most brands had lots of pro’s and an equal amount of con’s. Ranging from needing help to actually use them, feeling secure and really comfort and of course cost was big consideration

So what made BabyDink the right choice for you?

I love that BabyDink is put on like a top. It’s actually the easiest and most comfy carrier out there in my humble opinion. It's so soft that wearing sitting down, or in the car on the way to school meant that I could minimise time spent getting bubs in and out the car. I have a bad back – always have and BabyDink just felt really supportive, there was no way I could carry a capsule in and out the car especially in those first weeks after the birth.

What was the most important consideration for you when choosing your baby carrier?

Australian made is important to us, so is sustainability. I felt good about my choice to support a local business in BabyDink and the testimonials from other mums were really encouraging

What would you say are the top 3 benefits that using your BabyDink baby carrier gives you?

The best thing is that my baby is so close and snuggled up, she falls asleep almost instantly

I can move about the house doing basic chores, walking the dog and even checking emails – I worked from home during COVID so that was a big one – don’t get me started on the homeshcooling – aye, aye, aye!

The elastic band part of the carrier was so supportive on my lower back, I could adjust it firmly and it just gave me some added strength when my core was wobbly postpartum.

What’s your favourite thing about BabyDink? 

No wrapping!

How often would you say you use it?

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