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BabyDink Real Mum Stories Q & A #5 - Feat: Jenna

  • 3 min read

We are thrilled to launch our fifth interview in our 'Real Reviews' blog series, it is with the intention of providing real life baby wearing experiences - shared by YOU our BabyDink community!

Each month, we will be asking a parent or caregiver that has used the BabyDink Classic Organic Newborn Baby Carrier, asking a series of questions centered around babywearing.

By sharing common experiences, shedding light on the joys and benefits of babywearing from those who have actually embraced it, we hope that the answers shared may help to answer the questions of prospective parents.

It offers a glimpse into the simple, daily moments where babywearing with a BabyDink carrier can help to make that little bit easier. 

Celebrating life with a newborn and the joy of parenthood, and sharing a few 'babywearing hacks' along the way.

This week we hear from mum of 3, Jenna who lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with her partner and 3 beautiful kids, 2 of which are TWINS!! 

Jenna shares her experiences of using her BabyDink newborn baby carrier.


Hello Jenna, Tell us a bit about your family? Partner & kids, and where you live. 

Hey! I’m Jenna and I’m a mum of 3 based on the Mornington peninsula. My partner travels a lot for work so life is always “happening” around here.  (and yep, we were “those guys”…when planning to grow our family “an 18-month gap between siblings will be nice” so we thought, until 3 days prior to baby 1’s first birthday finding out there was not one sibling on the way, but 2…. that’s right, hello second little heartbeat on the scan… TWINS, OMG it’s going to be 3 under 18 months). 

Can you tell us what you knew about babywearing before the arrival of bub?

Despite already having had a baby before discovering BabyDink I was still relatively new to the babywearing scene. Sure we’d pack our mainstream ergo when we were travelling with our son, but that was mainly for convenience at airports & in transit. 

What was it about BabyWearing that appealed to you, for your family?

When the twins arrived babywearing became a necessity for us. Our household went from an incredibly independent & absolute centre of our universe toddler, to 3 under 18 months. Not only is there not a convenient “3 seater” pram option available but given the twins both suffered from severe reflux, there was always at least one little person requiring attention.

 Did you research many carrier brands? 

In all honesty, no I didn’t really research a huge array of carriers. I knew the mainstream ones & some of the more complicated (wrap-around models). However, I met Jen (the founder) at a local market here on the Mornington Peninsula and instantly her passion for the product (and our toddler) drew me in. Being able to try the BabyDink on and feel the fabric & fit, the high quality / low profile velcro strap and understand that it really is just as simple as putting on a t-shirt made it ever so appealing.

So what made BabyDink the right choice for you?

BabyDink was the right choice for us. The simplicity to be able to put it on solo just like a t-shirt, being comfortable enough that I’d basically wear it around all day. And supportive for the babies from day#1 home from the hospital.

What was the most important consideration for you when choosing your baby carrier?

Comfort for baby and myself (post-c-section suitability), whilst also being safe for smaller babies & use from newborn was of paramount importance to us. 

What would you say are the top 3 benefits that using your BabyDink baby carrier gives you?

Closeness & precious time with baby (1, 2 or 3) 

Spare hands & arms for other tasks/children

Convenience for when life happens (missed naps, apts etc) 

What’s your favourite thing about BabyDink? 

Comfort for baby and I, it just felt so natural.

How often would you say you use it?

I used our Babydink every day for the first 4 - 5 months of the twin's life, without fail. Our sanity was to get up and moving, get out of the house every day (obv pre-covid-19 times).

What are the moments or daily tasks that are made easier when wearing BabyDink?

EVERYTHING. Taking a toddler to the playground, having spare hands for “catching” at the skate park when required, being able to soothe one twin if she was having a particularly uncomfortable time with reflux, hang out & fold washing, prep meals.

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