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BabyDink Real Mum Stories Q & A #4 - Feat: Ally Taylor

  • 3 min read

We are thrilled to launch our fourth interview in our 'Real Reviews' blog series, it is with the intention of providing real life baby wearing experiences - shared by YOU our BabyDink community!

Each month, we will be asking a parent or caregiver that has used the BabyDink Classic Organic Newborn Baby Carrier, asking a series of questions centered around babywearing.

By sharing common experiences, shedding light on the joys and benefits of babywearing from those who have actually embraced it, we hope that the answers shared may help to answer the questions of prospective parents.

It offers a glimpse into the simple, daily moments where babywearing with a BabyDink carrier can help to make that little bit easier. 

Celebrating life with a newborn and the joy of parenthood, and sharing a few 'babywearing hacks' along the way.

This week we hear from first time Mumma, Ally who lives by the sea in stunning South Maroubra with her husband Billy, whom she married in 2019 after almost 10 years together. Just six weeks ago they became a family, welcoming a beautiful daughter; Amelie.

Ally shares her experiences of using her BabyDink newborn baby carrier.


Hello Ally, congratulations on the arrival of Amelie, can you tell us what you knew about BabyWearing before the arrival of bub?

A lot of my mummy friends used some type of baby carrier, so I'd been advised about how great they are! I'd seen a few types on social media but didn't really research properly until my daughter was born and I was sure which style would work for me. 

What was it about BabyWearing that appealed to you, for your family?

The appeal for me was being able to have the baby close to me as I went about my day. Safe, secure and relaxed, while having my hands free to things around the house with baby close enough for little head kisses as I go. Pulling out the pram and unfolding it can be a bit tricky too when I'm alone, so I wanted an easier alternative to be able to get outside and go for a walk. Now I just strap her in and off we go!

 Did you research many carrier brands? 

I did. I knew I wanted a fabric wrap style carrier and looked at a few different brands on Instagram and online. Other mums had told me that some of the fabric wrap carriers could be tricky to get on by yourself, so I knew I was looking for a carrier that was easy for me to slip on. 

I actually googled 'best baby carrier' and number one was BabyDink! 

As soon as I came across the BabyDink website, I thought - perfect! After reading the reviews and watching the tutorial on how easy it was to put on and use, I was sold. 

So what made BabyDink the right choice for you?

It's just so simple to put on. You literally just slip it on like a shirt and secure the velcro strap around your hips. Putting baby in is super easy as well. I also love how nice looking and fashionable it is compared to other brands. 

What was the most important consideration for you when choosing your baby carrier?

It had to be easy to use and to be secure, safe and comfortable. 

What would you say are the top 3 benefits that using your BabyDink baby carrier gives you?

Having my hands back! Being handsfree around the house gives me the chance to do little chores and daily tasks. Or just make a piece of toast in the morning!

Being able to easily take her to the shops or for a walk without fussing and without the pram. 

Taking the wight off my arms and shoulders when I rock her off to sleep! It's become such a life hack to settle and relax her. Having the sling supporting her as I rock her off to sleep a life saver!

What’s your favourite thing about BabyDink? 

How easy it is to use, and how much easier it's made day-to-day tasks. And how safe it feels! I move and bounce around while she's strapped to me and she feels totally secure. 

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