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Baby Carriers Versus Baby Prams: A Comparison for New Parents

  • 6 min read

Hello to all the new parents out there! First of all, congratulations on your little bundle of joy! As you're about to embark on this incredible journey of parenthood, one of the first decisions you'll likely make is about the best way of travelling around with your precious baby.

You’ve likely seen people with a pram, stroller or baby carrier and wondered which one is the best for you and your family. The hands-free and space-saving convenience of a carrier sounds pretty fab, right? But, then again, a pram or stroller with more storage and safety features like a sun shield can also be enticing.

We know it might seem a little daunting to purchase these baby essentials but that’s what we’re here for! We understand you want to make an informed decision before you purchase, so we’ve made a detailed comparison of baby carriers vs baby prams and strollers for you.

We hope this helps to make your (quite literal) stroll in the park a smooth one!

A newbown safe and snug in a pram from Unsplash

The Allure of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers, as the name suggests, allow parents to 'carry' their little one close to their chest or on their back in a piece of specially made fabric that wraps around their body, almost in a 'sling' like fashion. Your little one can rest in a cosy position, close to your body. Carriers are an easy, space saving option to travel with your new born and have many pros as they combine intimacy and convenience effortlessly.

stroller and baby carrier together is a great solution for mothers of two

Here are a few reasons why we love carriers at BabyDink:

Intimacy and bonding

Carriers keep your little one close to your body. The proximity of your gorgeous baby being close to your skin allows for frequent eye contact, little chit chats and skin-to-skin contact. This is excellent for promoting bonding, helping to foster a deep emotional connection in the first few months.

Hands-free convenience

Whether you’re running errands, working from home, catching up with friends or doing household chores, carriers help you multitask with ease as you can freely move about and use your hands.

Lightweight travel

Carriers obviously weigh far less than prams or strollers do, making them fantastic for travelling. They’re great on public transport, when getting in and out of cars and are especially handy when you’re in places that aren’t easily accessible with prams or strollers.

If you’re navigating busy streets or using cramped public transport, a carrier is a fantastic option for your little one. If you’re a frequent flyer, carriers are also great on planes and in tight spaces.

Space efficient

If you’re living in close quarters or a compact space, a carrier is a convenient option as they’re so much smaller than a pram or stroller. Your carrier will fit pretty much anywhere.

The Classic Elegance of Baby Prams, Strollers and Double Prams

Image of mums of newborns with a pram from Unsplash

Prams are a well established transport option, so we understand how people might find this most familiar. With so many pram features, finding the perfect pram or stroller for you is essential with a new child and they often come with many handy accessories. From baby strollers, single strollers and even travel strollers with a convenient baby capsule or double pram for twins, finding the best pram or stroller is can be a bit of a daunting task. Don’t feel limited - having both a carrier and a pram or stroller is typical for parents, making your way around town even easier.

Here are some reasons why prams are an excellent transport solution for your baby:

Comfort for your little one

Prams offer your little one a padded seat, seat belt and extra space, allowing your new bub to sleep, stretch, and play comfortably. This is perfect for longer journeys and the right pram will keep your baby safe and cosy.

Convenient storage to make your life easier

Most strollers come with many convenient storage compartments. Not only do they make for a comfortable ride, but different prams have an extensive range of storage features - some prams even have a cup holder for your morning coffee!

Mum and dads can easily carry essentials, from diapers to shopping bags with the right pram, making your life easier. Even though they're bigger than carriers, many prams fold down to fit into a car boot.

Built to last for a newborn or toddler

Prams are built with durable materials and sturdy wheels so they're great for your growing child. If you look after your pram, you can have it for years as your newborn turns into a toddler. You might even get to use it with future siblings or pass it on to a family friend expecting a little one!

Weather friendly

Rain, shine, wind or sun, most prams have all the protective gear to keep your baby safe. When using a pram, you can buy one equipped with features like sun canopies, rain covers and windshields to protect precious newborns or toddlers. Many prams also feature a peekaboo window to check on your baby!

If your idea of relaxation is a stroll in the park or a walk on a trail, then a robust pram or stroller will be your new favourite companion - after your new child, of course!

Prams and strollers can function as a car seat, high chair and bassinet

Prams and strollers are often multi purpose and can double as a car seat, compatible car capsule, high chair or a bassinet for your little one in their perfect pram. For people wanting a 'one-size-fits-all' option, a pram with accessories and multi uses offers flexibility for your day to day requirements.

Image or parent pushing a pram in nature from Unsplash

Baby Pram or Baby Carrier, which one is best for you?

There are many things to consider when deciding to purchase a pram or a carrier. Different budgets, space, convenience and the growth of your little one are all important factors when choosing the best travel systems to suit your family. At Baby Dink, we think it can be beneficial to have both a high-quality pram or stroller as well as a carrier as they are both fantastic ways to transport your little one while offering different qualities.

Here are some things to consider before making your purchase:

Baby growth 

While carriers are ideal for younger babies, a pram might be a better option as your newborn turns into a toddler so you won't have to buy as many baby products. And, if your family is expanding, prams have the option to turn into a double pram for twins, small babies or toddlers.

Physical comfort

Some parents may find carriers straining after a while. Prams and strollers, on the other hand, require pushing, which can be a workout in hilly areas so they can be great for active families. It's important you weigh up both options and find the one that suits your activity and fitness levels.


Carriers are adaptable and can be a fun way to navigate the world with your little one as they have easy manoeuvrability. Whether you're at a crowded shopping centre or a narrow aisle on a plane, you can move around with ease using a convenient baby carrier.


Large prams with many features can be expensive, so, depending on your budget, a baby carrier can be an excellent alternative to a pram or stroller. At Baby Dink, our award winning baby carrier is sold in a range of colours and sizes, with different price points to suit every new family.


For active families who like to go on hikes, long drives or travel the country, a pram or stroller with good suspension, larger wheels and a car seat would work well for you. If you have a more relaxed life or live in a compact space, perhaps a carrier would be the best travel system for your family.

Mum and dad holding new baby photo from Unsplash

Wrapping up

Both baby carriers, prams and strollers have their own sets of advantages. When new parents shop online, the best choice boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. In an ideal situation, having both a baby carrier and a pram or stroller in the early months of having a new born can be beneficial. A baby carrier offers the closeness and comfort a new bub needs in their first few months, but as your little one grows, a pram or stroller can be more practical option.


We hope this new information helps you on your travel journey with your precious little one, whether you choose a pram or baby carrier, or both. To browse our exclusive range of carriers, swaddles and dummies at Baby Dink, visit our website for a shop today!

Picture of baby in stroller from Unsplash

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