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BabyDink Real Mum Stories Q & A #3 - Feat: Cherelle Mukoko

  • 3 min read

We are thrilled to launch our third interview in our 'Real Reviews' blog series, it is with the intention of providing real life baby wearing experiences - shared by YOU our BabyDink community!

Each month, we will be asking a parent or caregiver that has used the BabyDink Classic Organic Newborn Baby Carrier, asking a series of questions centered around babywearing.

By sharing common experiences, shedding light on the joys and benefits of babywearing from those who have actually embraced it, we hope that the answers shared may help to answer the questions of prospective parents.

It offers a glimpse into the simple, daily moments where babywearing with a BabyDink carrier can help to make that little bit easier. 

Celebrating life with a newborn and the joy of parenthood, and sharing a few 'babywearing hacks' along the way.

This week we hear from beautiful mama, Cherelle - who lives in Ontario, Canada with her baby Daddy, Drahmah and their baby girl Zuri-Rose. Cherelle has used her BabyDink carrier as her preferred baby carrier and was devastated when Zuri-Rose grew out of it - she shared with us that her BabyDink has become a keepsake now and that is such a beautiful honour for our brand. She shares her experiences of using her BabyDink newborn baby carrier, with our founder & CEO Jennie McAlpine.


Hello Lovely Cherelle, tell us what you knew about BabyWearing before the arrival of bub?

I knew that baby wearing was a way to connect with your baby to make them feel safe and comforted almost like they are still in the womb. It was also a way to get sh*t done whilst giving baby the attention they crave. 

What was it about BabyWearing that appealed to you, for your family?

As a mother, baby wearing is an opportunity to connect with my baby on a deeper level on the move. Knowing that my baby feels safe and protected is so special. There is such a deep feeling of bonding and love that is indescribable. 

 Did you research many carrier brands? 

For sure! I think we get caught up with the big labels and so at first I researched a lot of them. Many looked complicated and I all about the simple life. With a baby you don't want to over complicate things. I received a few wrap carriers and it was extremely overwhelming trying to navigate how to put it on. 

So what made BabyDink the right choice for you?

SIMPLICITY! After watching the tutorials and seeing how incredibly easy this baby carrier was, I was SOLD. I also really loved the brands ethos and it gave me more than surface level when it came to baby wearing, honestly the brand evoked happy emotions for me and I think that's a great connection to have with a brand. 

What was the most important consideration for you when choosing your baby carrier?

I wanted to have my baby as close as possible whilst still having security, I didn't want any bobbing heads or overly exposed legs whilst baby was so young. I also live in Canada where the weather is extermely cold in the winter and so making baby snuggly and warm was a must.

What would you say are the top 3 benefits that using your BabyDink baby carrier gives you?

With someone who suffers with anxiety and it being heightened when having a baby in the mix, I am always concerned about safety and security. BabyDink gave me the security I needed without the hassle. 

As a mother who also loves fashion, I wanted something that was going to compliment my outfit choices daily. BabyDink has a great range of colours that worked well with my wardrobe. 

I love affection and feeling lose to my baby, being able to kiss her easily is a great perk :)

What’s your favourite thing about BabyDink? 

The brand as a whole is just incredible. It is simple, effective and it works. The product really does speak for itself. 

How often would you say you use it?

3-4 days of the week

What are the moments or daily tasks that are made easier when wearing BabyDink?

My BabyDink was perfect for my short daily walks. It took a lot of pressure off my back. 

What do you notice about Zuri-Rose when she is in the carrier? 

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