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The Orginal All-In-One Newborn Baby Carrier ~ Worn just like a Top ~ No Wrapping ~ Proudly Made in Australia


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Our Story

My name is Jen and I am the owner of BabyDink

It had always been my passion and dream to design a stylish, functional, unique and easy-to-wear newborn baby carrier. 

The passion wasso strong that I left my fabulous (..and well paying) job in the dancewear industry. After a long labour of love it has finally come to fruition in the form of BabyDink.

With the unwavering support from my now adult children - Eloise and Finn and my devoted Glaswegian husband Ricky - I have persevered over many years to create BabyDink.

I am so grateful to the Chiropractors, Midwives, Osteos, Lactation consultants and vast number of new mums that trusted me with their newborn babies to trial and help perfect my design, THANK YOU!



Now a little about BabyDink - the first all-in-one Newborn Carrier

What I love most is that the BabyDink is put on like a t-shirt - there is NO WRAPPING, no buckles and clips! My design is all about simplicity and style.  

The newborn BabyDink design is not only super comfy but makes you feel as good as you look wearing it. BabyDink’s purpose is to maximise cuddles, ensuring good firm support for the wearer and the baby.

Special care has been taken in the design to provide soft, flexible support for the baby’s head, leaving the wearer hands free… YAY!

The BabyDink is perfect for kangaroo care and skin-to skin contact for even the tiniest babies enclosing and soothing your baby during their ‘fourth trimester’.

(Although wearers of babies under 8 lbs need to take extra care to keep air passage ways clear, talk to your midwife first) As your little one grows, BabyDink stretches and allows a little more bounce and rocking movement to soothe and comfort your child. No more aching arms!

After extensive market research, much trial and error, periods of self-doubt and second guessing myself, I believe my design is now ready for the world.

BabyDink is designed for the first 4 months or up to approx 18 lbs (8kgs). Simply secure your hip support and your Baby Dink will not need to be adjusted. The weight of your baby will be distributed evenly over your upper body so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back.

With a similar function to a ‘wrap’ carrier, there is NO WRAPPING, no buckles and clips. Lightweight, so easy to put on. 

Fabric used on your Carrier is specially knitted for BabyDink in Melbourne Australia. The specialised Organic stretch fabric is then pre-shrunk to ensure you have no sagging, or stretching out of shape with your BabyDink. This beautiful fabric is soft, breathable and always stylish.